Our History

The History of City Wide Club is bound up in the humanitarian principles that form a bedrock value of the American experience, that we all have responsibility for helping people to overcome barriers and to sharing in the benefits of living in a thriving community. 

City Wide Club of Clubs (CWCC) is the outgrowth of an effort begun in 1975 by local high school and college students wanting to give back to their local community (Harris County) of their time and talent. Students held educational and career discussion seminars for junior and high school students. 

The panel consisted of professionals from the community who were invited to take part in discussions with students. Some of the topics covered included career goals, scholarships, drugs, teen pregnancy, crime and higher education. 

Students heard from lawyers, doctors, government officials, clergy, professional athletes, media personalities and military personnel. At the first panel, there was a record turnout of 600 students. 

We discovered that a portion of these students and personal problems and came from dysfunctional homes and were in need of extensive counseling and training food and housing. 

At the time, one of our volunteers who was running for a City Council seat became ill and his campaign office lease was paid up for three months, the office space and phones were donated to CWCC during this period to conduct follow-ups from the school visits. 

From the very first day the office opened for services, we had over 215 students and parents to seek services. From there, the rest is history. The City Wide Club evolved into an established organization in 1975 and was later chartered in 1982 and received its exemption in 1983 under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.