Thanksgiving Day Super Feast: Thursday, November 23, 2023
Christmas Super Feast:
Saturday, December 23, 2023

GRAB ’N GO or SIT ’N SUP (In-Person Dining) “SUPER FEASTS” 

The City Wide Club’s Grab ’n Go or Sit ’n Sup “SUPER FEAST” is widely regarded as the “Nation’s Largest Feeding and Turkey Distribution” held on Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve Day at the George R. Brown Convention Center, where thousands of families will receive all they need for a holiday meal.

Additionally, information is also available on affordable housing, educational and employment opportunities, where applicable information is also presented on City Wide's Life-Recovery Programs and a path that ultimately leads to a way off the streets. 

The Super Feast and Grab 'N Go or Sit ’n Sup model has been organized in communities nationwide where local partners help us meet the specific needs of individuals and families who are in need during the Holiday Season at convention and community centers.

Drive-Up Distribution Site:

Grab’n Go will take place at:

Chartres St. @ Walker St. (at the Green Flutter Flag)

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Show-Up Distribution Site:
Avenida de las Americas St. (at the White Flutter Flag in the Exhibit Hall)

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Donations On-Site:
Avenida de las Americas St. (at the White Flutter Flag in the Exhibit Hall)

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It is our goal that individuals and families will receive up to 60 to 80 pounds of variety food baskets that will last a family of 5 to 6 for 3 to 7 days for the Holiday Season.

The grocery products in the pre-packed boxes and brown bags will include:

Frozen Turkey or Frozen Whole Chicken or Ham
Baked Goods
Assorted Canned Goods
Other Non-Perishable Items

HELP US MEET OUR GOAL! 45th Annual Super Feast

1. 30,000 Frozen Turkeys 8 to 12lbs

2. 30,000 Whole Chickens

3. 30,000 Hams

4. 40,000 Masks

5. 100,000 Latex Gloves

6. 600 Cases of Hand Sanitizer

7. 250 Cases of Hand Wipes

8. 35,000 Brown Grocery Bags

9. 35,000 Plastic Grocery Bags

10. 35,000 Boxes Medium Size

11. Small Assorted Canned Goods

12. Rice

13. Beans

14. Stuffing

15. Sugar

16. Flour

17. Corn Meal

18. 35,000 Loaves of Fresh Bread

19. Non-Perishables

20. 2,000 Cases of Bottled Water

21. 35,000 Commercially prepared Pies

22. 300,000 New Toys up to age16 – each child will receive 3 to 4 toys

23. Small Portable Tents/Canopies (25q

 24. Refrigerator Trucks

 25. Sanitation Items

 26. School Supplies

You can mail your contributions to us at:

City Wide Club of America

107 Networking Chapters

P. O. Box 8446, Houston, TX 77288-8446 or click here
or call (713) 752-CLUB (2582) or 866-510-CLUB (2582)

All Donations are Tax Deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Revenue Code


Drive-Up “Grab’n Go”

It’s simple, just drive-up and a caring Super Feast Volunteer will hand deliver these items to you.

Walk-Up “Sit’n Sup”

Hot Turkey Dinners, Clothing, Toys and other items will be distributed in Exhibit Hall

Is There Parking?

Free Parking in the Tundra Parking Garage located at 1506 Jackson Street and other designated areas.  Please call for more information.


Call 713-752-CLUB (2582) or click here
Write us at:  P. O. Box 8446, Houston, TX  77288

Volunteer Registration:

Click here or Call (713) 752-CLUB (2582) or (866) 510-CLUB (2582)

Health and Safety:

For everyone’s health and safety all volunteers and guests:

Must wear a face covering
Must maintain social distancing
Cannot enter if they are feeling sick
Volunteers must wear gloves
Temperature checks required

Super Feast Directory

Green Flag(s) – Drive-Up

Yellow Flag(s) – Walk-Up

White Flag(s) – Volunteer Stations

Orange Flag(s) – Donation Drop Off

Blue Flag(s) – Organizations

RedFlag(s) – Feast Stations

Sit’n Sup / Grab’n Go Details:

Volunteers must register, upon arrival, at the Volunteer Registration Station, in the Exhibit Hall, for the following:

  • Food Preparation in Kitchen
  • Serve Hot Meals to Guests
  • Carry Food Trays for Guests
  • Clothing/Shoe Distribution
  • Food Basket Distribution
  • Toy & Gift Distribution
  • Grab ‘N Go Feast Station
  • Volunteer in various Feast Stations

Special Thanks to our sponsors!