Financial Literacy Elevation Center

Financial Literacy Elevation Center (FLEC) This Program offers classes in: Financial Literacy Smart Banking Credit Management Entrepreneurship Community Development Leadership 1st Time Home Buyers Training Programs to help with Home Ownership Reduction in recidivism by offering Job Training in collaboration with local community colleges (i.e. Truck Driving and Fork Lift Operators) End of Life Financial Planning for all ages All designed to help build a gateway…

Youth Services

Youth Services Our Youth Enrichment Program is created with the intent of providing structured After-School and Technology Programs that put strong emphasis on education and life skills to enable young people to be better prepared for the challenges and demands that life brings. Kids who participate in these programs earn higher grades, have improved attendance, behave better in school, and are more…

Job Referral & Placement

Job Referral/PlacementThe Job Referral/Placement Program connects potential employees with employers who are seeking applicants with like of similar job skills, education and/or experience; along with tips on Dressing for Success, Resume Preparation and Job-Keeping Skills.

Housing & Shelter Recovery

Housing & ShelterFamily RecoveryHousing And Shelter Family Recovery Program provides room and board for referrals for families, senior citizens and the homeless population who are faced with physical, mental and substance abuse challenges; while providing a safe and wholesome environment with support groups and life skill classes.

Information & Referral Telephone

Information & Referral/Telephone Information &Crisis Calls CenterInformation & Referral/Telephone Information & Crisis Calls Center provides referrals to over 150,000 callers each year, needing housing, utility assistance, food, child care, medical care, counseling, substance abuse treatment, jobs, legal services, transportation, education and other emergencies.

The Distribution Project

The Distribution Project The Distribution Project provides Clothing, Blankets, Shoes, & Food Baskets for poor underprivileged individuals and families during the Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Super Feasts at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Over 800,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, food baskets, toys, hot meals and household items are distributed to more than 35,000 at the…

Food Pantry Program

How can your pantry qualify? Quite simply, call our food pantry department at 866-510-CLUB (2582) for an application and the Assessment Coordinator will arrange a site visit or telephone interview. Vans, cars, trucks, buildings and storage space are also needed and remember – your donations are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3)How can I start a Food…

Rent & Utility Assistance Program

Rent & Utility Assistance The Rent & Utility Assistance Program helps to assist low-income individuals and families by stabilizing and providing support during extreme crisis situations. This program provides families with financial assistance for a variety of crisis situations including: eviction, utility shut-off notices, emergency prescriptions and more.

Senior Citizens Enrichment

Senior Citizens EnrichmentThe Senior Citizens Enrichment Program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and maximize quality of life based on individual needs and interests. It is our aim to provide services, activities, programs and information designed to enrich and enhance the quality of life for our seniors, and to help them enjoy independent living and social…

Project Rescue Program

Project RescueThe Project Rescue Program is an emergency contingency response protocol to be implemented in the wake of a natural or man-made disaster impacting our local cities and counties.Services include:Emergency Rescue Response | Temporary Shelter | Emergency Command Center | Food Service | Emergency Supplies | Counseling Services | Medical Assistance | Security | Transportation…