GRAB ’N GO or SIT ’N SUP (In-Person Dining) “SUPER FEASTS” 

The City Wide Club’s Grab ’n Go or Sit ’n Sup “SUPER FEAST” is widely regarded as the “Nation’s Largest Feeding and Turkey Distribution” held on Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve Day at the George R. Brown Convention Center, where thousands of families will receive all they need for a holiday meal.

Additionally, information is also available on affordable housing, educational and employment opportunities, where applicable information is also presented on City Wide's Life-Recovery Programs and a path that ultimately leads to a way off the streets. 

The Super Feast and Grab 'N Go or Sit ’n Sup model has been organized in communities nationwide where local partners help us meet the specific needs of individuals and families who are in need during the Holiday Season at convention and community centers.